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Fila T-Shirt and Dressing for Men When Playing Golf

Fila T-Shirt and Dressing for Men When Playing Golf

Fila T-Shirt and Dressing for Men When Playing Golf – Sports Gentlemen Only Lady’s Forbidden or abbreviated Golf, is a sport that is intended by the adam only, but nowadays even women can also play this sport. Besides that, you know that this sport can only be played by people from the upper classes. Why is that, because indeed the costs incurred for this sport are quite expensive, and it is not surprising that entrepreneurs and rich people can play this game.

Just look at the prices of golf clubs, Fila-branded clothes, hats and other things. Certainly the price is expensive, for those of you who are poor at heart do not expect to play this sport. Just enter the sandals off how you want to play golf. To buy the Fila brand golf shirt, you might bite your fingers. Why do most people who play golf wear Fila-branded clothes, because the material is good, comfortable to wear and doesn’t smell when exposed to sweat.

Fila T-Shirt and Dressing for Men When Playing Golf

Well for those of you who are playing golf for the first time, you must know first how to dress when you want to play golf. Why is that, because the layout or style of dress in playing golf is not only for women but also men. Because by knowing the procedures for dressing in playing golf, it can make you feel comfortable playing later.

Fila T-Shirt and Dressing for Men When Playing Golf

How to dress

Here is the dress code when playing golf for men:

1. Using Collared Shirts
In playing golf most men must wear collared shirts like Fila Shirt, polo, long sleeve, short sleeve. And make it a habit to find bright colors, such as white color in order to reduce heat.

2. Using Long or Short Pants
For those of you who play golf you can wear long or short pants made of cotton, so it looks more relaxed.

3. Using Special Shoes
To play golf use special shoes so that the shoe base is not slippery when playing on the golf course.

4. Using Comfortable Socks
Socks don’t be too tight and not too long. Because if socks are tight, footwork becomes stiff and uncomfortable.

5. Use a hat to protect the head from the heat of the field
In addition to clothes, pants and shoes, accessories that are quite important such as hats, sunglasses and gloves can be used to add to the appearance comfort.

Well the most important thing to play golf is comfort, if you are comfortable with the clothes you use, you will definitely be more relaxed playing golf.